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Change is Not Always a Bad Thing!

With 2020 now in the rear view mirror, and a possible end in sight for the pandemic, Lights Festival organizers are preparing to adjust.  We are expecting to put on a much different festival in 2021.

We will be permanently scaling down significantly in terms of venue, vendors and the fireworks show, as well as changing the date.


A smaller festival is better than no festival at all.  We hope you will join us on Saturday evening, July 3rd 2021 at the Sand Bar & Grill for horseshoe and corn hole tournaments, live entertainment by the award winning “Donald Benjamin Band” and a fireworks show at dusk!! 

Moving the festival away from its beloved home at the Long Lake Park was by no means an easy decision. However, due to lack of volunteer help and accountable mandates by the Township that we cannot fill without the manpower necessary, there really was no choice.  Another factor leading to our decision was that after years of exploding growth, we have seen a significant decline in attendance over the last few years.  

This change in venue will allow us to put more fundraising monies into entertainment and fireworks instead of parking lot marking, parking attendants, security, insurance, shuttle service and other mandated details. 


Our fireworks show will also be scaled down due to the change in venue, as well as moving from Class B professional fireworks to Class C consumer fireworks.  However, we promise it will still be a fabulous show!!   


Over the past decade the Long Lake Lights Festival has entertained the residents of Alpena and neighboring communities with an entertaining fundraising dinner and auction followed by a fun-filled family day at the Long Lake Park.  We have very much enjoyed being able to bring these events to our community.  However, as time goes by, change is inevitable, and this year is a pivotal turning point for the Festival.  We want to keep you up to date on those changes...


What will be Discontinued...


Fundraising Dinner:  Sadly, we will no longer be hosting our annual fundraising dinner at the Aplex. This was a very difficult decision to make since nearly half of our fundraising goals are met on that evening alone.  We know you all enjoyed the event, and we enjoyed doing it! Nevertheless, the auction/dinner has outgrown the small number of dedicated volunteers who make up our small committee. 


In lieu of the money our gracious attendees have spent at the dinner on auction items, purchasing tickets, etc., we hope they will still support our fundraising efforts by making a cash donation,  participate in the online auction event we will be organizing in the near future, purchase raffle tickets, or donate in some other way. 


Park Activities:  Many of you know that the Alpena County Parks Commission is putting in a new boat launch at the Long Lake Park.  Although this will be a very nice upgrade, due to those  renovations we will no longer be holding events such as the arts & crafts show, Kids Zone,  petting zoo, horseshoe or volleyball tournaments. 


The new boat launch is being supported by Alpena County and the Alpena Youth and Recreation Committee; as well as two grants through the Michigan DNR.  Construction on this project is expected to start in the spring.




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