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On-site parking

On-site parking is limited to those with VIP permits, handicapped (with permit), registered campers, boat launch patrons, vendors, LLLF personnel, security and guests of campers. A Limited number of passes are available.  Vehicles may leave and re-enter the park, but are not guaranteed placement in the same spot upon return.  You MUST have your Parking Permit displayed to re-enter.



If your vehicle has a handicapped placard, you will be guided without delay to handicapped parking from the Park Entrance at the end of Hinks Park Road, and by parking attendants once inside the park.



Please have your parking permit in place on the driver’s side dash upon your arrival.  Parking attendants will direct you to your designated area.  If you have not pre-registered and received your permit, you can do this at the Park Entrance upon arrival.  Plan for extra time.


Registered Campers

All vehicles belonging to registered campers must have parking permits displayed clearly.  Only two (2) vehicles allowed to park on your site.  This INCLUDES your guests.


Camper’s Guests

Guests visiting registered campers will be directed to park at Dodge Marina and use the shuttle service.


Boat Launch

A limited number of parking spaces will be available to boat launch patrons inside the park.  Upon arrival, you will receive your Parking Permit from attendants at the Hinks Park Road entrance, then you MUST stop at the park office to pay the $5 boat launch fee.   If all allotted truck & trailer spaces are full in the park, you will be directed to launch, then park at the Dodge Marina parking area and shuttle back to the park.  No parking will be allowed on the grass by the launch in the case of wet conditions.   NO launching will be allowed at Dodge Marina.

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